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On this page you will find projects that Irontree Works are in the process of attempting or items that are not for sale. The sculptures which you see on this page were done solely for fun. 

The Faering: A 5 year project to make a Viking Boat  


Niko tries to climb the iron tree.  My attempt at making a logo for the shop.


damascus1.jpg (265675 bytes)

Damascus Dagger

This is my first Damascus dagger. The billet used to make this knife was folded 5 times to make thirty-two layers. Damascus steel is actually a misnomer.  The correct name for layered steel is pattern welding.   Damascus steel is merely one type of pattern welding.  According to sources, pattern welding can be done with complex layering including twists, bends, steel cable and even using different grades of shattered steel which are mixed and reforged together. I will try cable welding next.