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    Some time ago, I learned of the Mastermyr Project.  The Mastermyr Chest was found in Gotland, Sweden.  It contained the tools of a Viking craftsman from approximately 1100 years ago. It also contained some examples of his work. 

       A number of modern Woodworkers and Blacksmiths were involved in making a replica of the Mastermyr Chest and all it's contents.  The replicas had to be made from wrought or pure iron, using a charcoal forge and traditional tools.  That means no grinders and no power hammers.     

    The opportunity to make a specific piece was given by lottery.  I got involved with the project when some kind individuals graciously allowed me to make some of their projects.

Below is a picture of the original chest and some of it's content and then our copies


This is a photo of the original Mastermyr Find

This is a picture of the replica on display at the annual Artist Blacksmith Association of America convention in La Crosse, Wisconsin, in June of 2002 

This is a picture of a replica bowl/drawknife.  Due to a misprint in the reference book, two people made copies of this item.  I wrapped my handle in leather after mounting the knife.  The other replica had bent the metal after inserting into the handle.  Both ways are guesswork on our part since the original wooden handle had long since rotted away.

These are various replica parts of horse tack and a few trivets.  I made the disk with the  square hole.

Some spoon gouges, a pick or tow and a rectangular punch.  I made the punch. 


Though not actually part of the Mastermyr Replica Collection, I made this padlock in steel and brass, based on a Viking Lock from the York dig.