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Northshield Throne Project

Original "frame" chair 13th Century from Blakor, Norway
From the book, Norwegian stave church sculpture
by Erla Bergendahl Hohler

Now in the University Museum of Norway in Oslo

Here is the first display of the Thrones of Northshield.  They are not quite complete, but the carvings are done and even incomplete they turned out quite well.  The missing pieces will be attached in late December and then the thrones will be presented again at Nordskogen 12th night.

Click on the Picture for a more detailed view

King's Throne Queen's Throne
King's Cushion by
THL Caoilfhionn inghen Cheallaigh ui Mhordha 
Queen's Cushion
Baroness Maighread inghen Sean
Prince's Cushion by
THL Moira nic Connell the Strongbow
Princess's Cushion by
Lady Roisin igen Ailill

Objective: To gather together a group of Northshield artisans to make 2 pairs of thrones for the Kingdom of Northshield.

Northshield Regalia Bid Submission Form: Portable Throne

Short Description of Regalia item: Two sets of portable thrones done in an early 14th century, Norwegian style (Viking-like). These thrones are meant to be "daily-use" thrones. It is my expectations that these thrones will be kept by Their Majesties and Their Highness. Each throne breaks down into 5 parts: 2 sides, 1 front lower panel, a seat, and a backrest. These thrones are held together with period mortise and tenon joints using wedges that can be removed for disassembly in much the same manner as the present principality thrones. It is the plan that the chair parts be interchangeable.

Organizer Artisan Name: Danr Katlasmidtr (AKA Daniel Kretchmar)

Address: 19739 East Bethel Blvd. NE

Phone #763-434-1840

Email address:

Group: Nordskogen

Estimated completion date: Both Sets: October 1, 2004

Is it a complete matched set: Yes (4 matching thrones with two matching chests)
Complete description of item, including accessories: 4 Thrones, 2 Cushions

This set of thrones would be made by a group of Artisans from Northshield. These thrones are made to look like ones from the Mid to early 14th century, Norway during a period when older Viking Style Art forms were experiencing something of a renaissance. Each throne would be made up to two detachable sides and three panels that make up the lower front, seat, and back rest. The lower front panel and sides would be made with an oak frame and carved cedar or pine panels with: A zoomorphic "griffin" panel, A battle scene panel, and an Artisan working panel, all carved and painted in a period style. The backrest would be an oak frame filled with tooled leather. The cushions might be hand woven period Viking-style cloth. Since the thrones are not strictly period, we may substitute cloth that "looks" period. The embroidery would be Zoomorphic knotwork of the same or early Viking period. Bronze castings of griffins would be used for the finials at the tops of the chairs and carved wooden finials would adorn the tops of the front legs where the sitter’s hands would rest. The chairs and carvings would painted with oil based enamel paints and finished with several coats of clear epoxy resin. This would guarantee that the thrones could take considerable abuse. The frames on the lower front panel, seat, and back rest would have tenons sticking out (2 per side) that would fit into "though" mortises on the sides. The wedges would fit into slots in the tenons as they pass out of the mortises on the sides of the chair. When assembled the wedges would be clearly visible, but would add to the overall affect.

The chest would not break down and could be used for storage. The construction style of the chest would match the thrones though it would not break down

Dimensions: Using the original as a guide along with modern dimensions for comfort means the seat would be approximately 18 inches off the ground. The top backrest would be approximately 40 inches from the ground. The seat would be slightly less than 2 feet across and 18 inches deep. These dimensions can be changed if the regalia committee requests it. Chest: 2 ft wide x 18 inches high x 18 inches deep

Maintenance requirements and associated costs: I will assume all maintenance costs, though any competent craftsman could keep these thrones in working order. They will require very little maintenance.

Artisans responsible for maintenance: Danr Katlasmidr AKA Daniel Kretchmar

Special care instructions (including transportation requirements): Like all furniture, these thrones should be kept out of the rain, however the epoxy finish should make them more durable than most outside decks!

Donor Contact Information: Daniel Kretchmar, 19739 East Bethel Blvd. NE, East Bethel, MN 55011 763-434-1840,

Preliminary Drawings: Click on image to get a larger picture.

Dimensions of panels and leather back rest are subject to change if someone gives me a really good reason to change them, otherwise they are set. 

Please note: The image in the picture does not contain details of carvings on arms, legs, panels, etc.  Those details will be included on the design pages linked above. The knotwork along the backleg is merely me trying to see what my cad program  can do.