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Large Celtic Iron Broach.

For that Irish accent to your apparel or clasp for a wool cloak, this sturdy iron broach will add panache' to any outfit. Multiple spirals and different patterns make each broach unique

3 inches in diameter

Large Broach  $15 


penamular.jpg (10826 bytes)

(Fancier Brooches sold in person)

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Small Celtic Iron Brooch.

A smaller version of our large Celtic brooch. Excellent as a lapel pin. Multiple spirals and different patterns make each broach unique

1 inch in diameter

Small Brooch   $10



Iron Hair Pin
Wear your long hair up in the style of a fine Celtic or Viking Lady.  Pins and leathers sold separately. Patterns and colors on leather vary greatly. (Celtic, Floral, Rose, etc.) Please  specify style and color when  ordering and we will try to match it. 

Leather Barrette   Price..........$5.00 

Iron Hair Pins have a single spiral to twist in and out of your hair without cutting.  Pins are about  6 inches long. Finished with Clear Lacquer.
(Fancier Pins sold in person) hair pin.jpg (13915 bytes)

Iron Hair Pin........$10.00

Ants and other Insects

Our ant is approximately 6 inches long.  Made of forged and welded steel, this bug is an eye catcher on any desk or table. 


Ant .....$50  

(Other insects available upon request)

Watch for a dragonfly coming in November


A single long stem rose that will never fade.    Melted beeswax/lampblack finish.


Rose .....$60