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Viking Ship Cradle

This cradle was designed for a teacher in Boston. We helped her fulfill a dream of making a Viking Ship cradle in honor of her grandfather, who had hung her painting of a Viking ship in his parlor.  

Viking Cradle      $3000 + shipping

This cradle was made for couple who run an antique armour shop in North Carolina to hold their infant son.  The design is a combination of traditional Lapstrake and Viking ship building techniques. Made of oak, walnut, and white pine with copper rivets and iron fittings, this cradle let little Geoffery sail off to sleep in style. Lined with closed-cell foam.  Bedding not included.

(120 day advance order required)

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Mission Cradle

This cradle was built to match the mission style of a 1920s home.  Using a mission couch as a base for the design, we converted it to a cradle.  Made from solid oak and lightly fumed to lighten the wood to match their decor the cradle was stained with jacobean stain. Mattress not included.

(120 day advance order required)

Mission Cradle    $2500 + shipping

    contact Irontree Works via email to arrange shipping


Iron and Wood Coffee Table

Made in collaboration with the shops of Joseph Kretchmar, this beautiful table combines his natural wood top with our simple iron stand.  The top changes depending on the wood available and the bottom is sized to match, so each piece is guaranteed to be unique.

Coffee Table      $2 000 + shipping by special arrangement only


English Ark   The Ark is a style of furniture which uses no metal.   Made of red oak, this style of chest was found from the  1200s to the 1600s.   Iron fittings available upon request

English Ark    $1500 + shipping
English Ark with Iron Fittings
$2000 + shipping 


A top view of the Ark shows that the hinges of the Ark are part of the same piece of wood as the side of the lid. All joints are pinned with hardwood dowels and reinforced with hide glue.  Finished with 3 coats of Boiled Linseed oil.