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Welcome to the Kretchmar Home Page.  Let me introduce you to some my family

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This is Katherine Kretchmar and Nikolai

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This is me showing off my first successful cheddar

Gwyneth Ann Kretchmar: Born 1/6/2002

Christmas with some American Girls :)


My Aunt Hannah makes the most amazing quilts.


This is Fang. One hundred and sixty three pounds of reading pillow. We miss him fang.jpg (7595 bytes)


These are some of the men of the Kretchmar Family

The one with the evil grin is David Kretchmar, my older brother, the one sitting on the left is my Dad, Dr. Joseph Kretchmar and the one in my arms is Nikolai ....that's me, Dan, next to Kermit.

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My Dad!!!



Grandpa Bauer and Niko relaxing after Thanksgiving.


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Dinner with Dad (....rice cereal...boring!!!)


Steve tries his hand at the Forge.


Gwyneth thinks that playing in the sink is fun


Farmer Gwyneth


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"If can lift it...I can carve it...That's the rule!"


Gwyneth gets her daily helping of plastic chewable ant


pumkinpatch1.jpg (19646 bytes)



Ha! I see checkmate in 37 moves! Do you give up Daddy?


Have you moved yet?!


Puppy? puppy? puppy......

Gwyneth and Freya