Items on this page are original pieces found in the museums and castles of Europe.  Someday, we hope to make pieces like these.  Visit our web site in the future to see us reach our goals!

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Dragon Hasp

This dragon latch can be found on a chest in the Château' de Chillon in Luzerne, Switzerland.  The chest is a 13th century style that used ironwork to highlight an otherwise plain chest


dragonlatch1.jpg (35037 bytes)


Icelandic Love chest

The chest at the left is one of the few surviving Icelandic Cedar Love Chests.  Chests of this type were used as dowry chests or courting gifts in Iceland during the 16th through 18th century. This style of ornamental carving, similar (in some ways) to Ancient Viking styles has always interested me.  The chest on the right is my attempt at making a copy using American Red Cedar and hand wrought hinges.



Though not a style of carving that can be easily found outside of the Tlingit People of the Northwest Indians,  I have seen many examples of this style of carving in the Field Museum in Chicago.  I plan on making a redwood cabinet with this style of carving during next year.  As I understand it, people outside this particular ethnic group cannot sell this style of carving and the forms are protected by US Federal law to the native people of the Northwest Indian tribes alone.










The above links are for the Viking Haseat that I wish use as a pattern for the Northshield Throne.  Click on the picture for a larger view