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At Irontree Works, Inc., we practice traditional and modern blacksmithing.  Located in the East Bethel, Minnesota, we strive to forge useful and beautiful works in iron, bringing this durable and historic art into today’s homes. Our goal is keep traditional techniques alive while making pieces that are both unique and pleasing to the eye.

Our Mission:

Irontree Works is devoted to the traditional art of Blacksmithing, specializing in historic recreations and hard-to-find pieces.  Our combination of traditional blacksmithing and modern welding produces heirloom-quality items suitable to the most elegant of homes and gardens. We also create customized pieces for businesses and private homes. Using original Medieval, Colonial, Revolutionary War, and Civil War pieces as references, we recreate items that could have been found in the homes and campsites of Europe and America from 800 a.d. to 1800 a.d.  Most pieces are made using traditional blacksmithing techniques and tools. We also create hardware, including locks and hinges, for items created by Irontree Woodworks. The work of owner Daniel Kretchmar has toured the nation in the Mastermyr Collection, for which he reproduced items found in a 1,200 year-old Norse toolchest recovered from a shipwreck.

Most important, we are proud to keep the craft of blacksmithing alive, not only by increasing its visibility and availability in a new millennium, but also by training new smiths in this historic art


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